If you have insurance benefits and wish to use them, please call the phone number on your insurance card and give them my last name so that they can verify my status as a provider for your plan. In this same telephone call to your insurance company, you may want to obtain the following information:

  • an authorization number for therapy
  • your co-payment (the amount you pay) per session
  • the number of sessions you are allowed per year
  • your deductible (the amount you may have to pay out of pocket before they begin to pay)

Each insurance company offers a variety of plans. Co-payment amounts, deductibles and limits can vary from one plan to another. Feel free to contact me with questions related to insurance.

If you wish to use your insurance benefits, rather than pay out of pocket, there are a few things you may want to know. The insurance company will require health care providers like myself to provide information in exchange for obtaining payment, thereby limiting your privacy. While insurance plans vary in information requiring disclosure, this information can include: your specific diagnosis, dates of service, symptoms, personal history, and treatment issues. They may also require my treatment plan and rationale, as well as information about your progress.