Many people suffer from sleep problems. About one third of adults have experienced insomnia, and about half of those who report insomnia endure it on a regular, long-term basis.

Sleeping problems which last one month or longer are called “chronic.” Chronic insomnia may affect a person nightly, or a few times per week. It can occur every week, or can be worse some weeks more than others. Some people have trouble falling asleep. Some experience difficulty staying asleep and/or awaken too early. Some people experience light, restless, poor quality sleep. You may have experienced one or a combination of these types of sleep disorders.erase-insomnia-dreamstime_l_56849282-1024x680I have been trained in an insomnia treatment program that was developed and tested at Harvard Medical school. I will teach you how to enhance the sleep system in your brain, thereby helping you to set the stage for sleep to occur more easily. As a cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) approach, we will focus on changing the thoughts and behaviors that are causing your insomnia. CBT has been found to be more effective than sleeping pills, and, in fact can be used to eliminate the use of sleeping pills. I will teach you skills that can help you obtain greater control over your sleep and body, breaking the cycle of insomnia and allowing for a more consistent better night’s sleep.